Labour commits to a Green New Deal!

Labour has committed to decarbonising Britain by 2030 as part of a transformational, socialist Green New Deal.

An incredible seven unions, including Unite and Unison, backed our motion with an overwhelming vote in favour on conference floor. The labour movement is united behind our ambitious, vote-winning programme of green jobs, rapid decarbonisation, public ownership, green public transport for the many and internationalist solidarity. A worker-led just transition will be at its heart.

Now we must take this radical vision to every corner of the country and build it from the ground up, in every workplace, in every community, in every town. We need a thousand Green New Deals across the country, and our movement will build them. The real fight for a Green New Deal has just begun.

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 Relive the highlights of Labour’s historic 2019 conference, including the overwhelming vote for our motion.

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The campaign for a radical Green New Deal in the UK

Reshaping society for the many not the few

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Our Vision

Labour for a Green New Deal envisions a prosperous, socialist, zero-carbon society as the alternative to our current world ridden with political, economic and ecological crises. A Green New Deal will transform the economy through unprecedented investment in technology, infrastructure and people.

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Life after a GND could be a world of free healthcare and childcare, cheap and beautiful public housing, first-class public transport infrastructure, well-funded arts programmes and ample leisure time.
— Clare Hymer, Novara Media
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Our Plan

With the Green New Deal adopted as party policy, we must now build our plan from the bottom up. Together, we will build local groups across the country, put on events, lay out plans and support workers in struggle. We need a thousand Green New Deals across the country, and the labour movement can build them.

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We must work collectively to demand a bold solution to this crisis. An economic system serving the one percent has taken us to the brink; now a Green New Deal can set us free.
— Aliya Yule, co-founder