To win a Green New Deal in Labour, we need members and supporters across the country to take action

The UK needs a Green New Deal, and the Labour movement is the way to get it. Our campaign is for Labour to adopt a radical economic program to decarbonise Britain through massive investment in a new economy owned by the many not the few . To win we'll need to be working through CLPs and unions, and garnering support across civil and environmental groups.

Two things you can do:

>>Submit our 2019 conference motion<<

Each Constituency Labour Party (CLP) can send only one policy motion or rule change to conference. This means that as well as organising for it to pass to become Labour Party policy, we need to do the first step to make sure it's heard and prioritised at conference!

>> Sign up to join THE campaign<<

If you want to organise nationally or in your area for Labour for a Green New Deal, sign up on our form below. You can be as involved as you like.