Our Vision

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Labour for a Green New Deal envisions a prosperous, socialist, zero-carbon society as the alternative to our world which is in political, economic and ecological crises.

A Green New Deal will transform the economy through unprecedented investment in technology, infrastructure and people.

Our Green New Deal can reshape society to work fundamentally for the many not the few.  With workers’ justice at the heart of the program, we can create good green jobs in every town and city across the UK. We can transform our energy systems from polluting fossil fuels to clean renewables. We can democratise industry and social infrastructure through powerful unions, democratic control and expanded public ownership. We can take the economy out of the control of the super rich, and put it in the hands of ordinary people. We can address the economic and ecological consequences of climate breakdown and global inequality by building solidarity across borders.

The Green New Deal will unlock human potential by redefining freedom, prosperity and society as rooted in on public abundance, rather than individualism and private profit. It will be developed, achieved and delivered from the grassroots, embedding participatory democracy throughout politics and the economy.

Our Plan

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It was Labour which founded the NHS in 1948, and Labour which can develop a transformational Green New Deal Now.


An unequal and oppressive economic system has destabilised our climate, leaving working-class people in the UK and across the globe suffering the devastating impacts of climate breakdown. Meanwhile the rich reap the profits. Only the political institutions of the working-class can get us out by transforming society to make it work for the many, not the few.

Labour and the trade unions were founded to represent the working class, and they will lead the charge. It was Labour which founded the NHS in 1948, and Labour which can develop a transformational Green New Deal Now. Labour has now committed to must adopt radical policies of large-scale investment and green job creation, and ambitious public ownership programmes, while working towards decarbonisation by 2030. In developing these policies, our movement will  work with trade unions to provide a jobs guarantee across transition industries: street by street, plant by plant, job by job.

With the Green New Deal adopted as party policy, we must now build our plan from the bottom up. Together, we will build local groups across the country, put on events, lay out plans and support workers in struggle. We need a thousand Green New Deals across the country, and the labour movement can build them.

When a General Election comes, we will make sure that it is a climate election, and that Labour wins it, as the only party which can unite climate and class politics.