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We want the Labour Party to support our radical, transformative Green New Deal this year at Labour Party Conference in September 2019.

Each Constituency Labour Party (CLP) can send only one policy motion or rule change to conference. This means that as well as organising for it to pass to become Labour Party policy, we need to do the first step to make sure it's heard and prioritised at conference! We need as many submissions from as many CLPs and Trade Union branches as possible to improve our chance of it making it Labour Party delegates to a vote.

This year CLPs can submit their motion from anytime up until Thursday 12th September 2019. The process for doing so will vary depending on your CLP (and some will have meetings much earlier than that to decide). Get in touch with your CLP Secretary to find out what the process is to submit a motion to send to Labour Party Conference, and let us know below if you are thinking of submitting it, and we can offer you support to do so.

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Labour for a Green New Deal

Conference notes:

  • To prevent the worst effects of climate change, we must keep global temperature rises below 1.5°C.

  • Over 1°C of warming has taken place, causing floods, droughts, heatwaves, pollution, and hundreds of thousands of deaths. The poorest - particularly in the Global South - suffer most. Tackling climate change is thus indivisible from social, racial and economic justice.

  • Just 100 companies are responsible for the majority of carbon emissions; and the Conservative government is deregulating the fossil fuel industry and cutting support for renewables.

  • Labour has supported the youth strikes for climate and Extinction Rebellion, pushing the climate emergency up the national agenda. A Green New Deal is now a demand we must make.

Conference therefore calls on the Labour Party to include a Green New Deal in the manifesto:

a state-led programme of investment and regulation for the decarbonisation and transformation of our economy that reduces inequality and pursues efforts to keep global average temperature rises below 1.5°C.

This will include:

  • Commitment to zero carbon emissions by 2030;

  • Rapidly phasing out all fossil fuels;

  • Large-scale investment in renewables;

  • A just transition to well-paid, unionised, green jobs available for all;

  • A green industrial revolution expanding public, democratic ownership as far as necessary for the transformation;

  • Green public integrated transport that connects Britain;

  • Supporting developing countries’ climate transitions by increasing transfers of finance, technology and capacity;

  • Assuring everyone’s basic rights through the provision of universal services;

  • Welcoming climate refugees while taking measures against the displacement of peoples from their homes.

Word count: 250

Our longer, more detailed general motion outlines our vision for a radical and transformative Green New Deal.

Submit it to your branch and CLP to demonstrate the groundswell of local support for a plan for economic and climate justice; send the motion to Labour’s National Policy Forum when voted on; mandate the local party to support the campaign.