Our Plan


Climate change is fundamentally a class issue.

An unequal and oppressive economic system has destabilised our climate, leaving working-class people in the UK and across the globe suffering the devastating impacts of climate breakdown. Meanwhile the rich reap the profits. Only the political institutions of the working-class can get us out by transforming society to make it work for the many, not the few.

Labour and the trade unions were founded to represent the working class, and they will lead the charge. It was Labour which founded the NHS in 1948, and Labour which can develop a transformational Green New Deal Now. Labour’s current climate policy is promising, but the scale of the crisis demands even stronger action. Labour must adopt radical policies of large-scale investment and green job creation, and ambitious public ownership programmes, while working towards net-zero emissions. It must work with trade unions to provide a jobs guarantee across transition industries: street by street, plant by plant, job by job.

Our campaign of grassroots Labour Party members and trade unionists will organise across the base of our movement, passing motions at local branches and, eventually, on conference floor. We will put on events across the country laying out a localised vision for a Green New Deal, with trade unions at its heart. Hundreds have signed up already - join our movement today.