Labour for a Green New Deal responds to Labour's plans for sustainable investment


Responding to John McDonnell’s speech on Labour’s plans for sustainable investment, Clare Hymer, co-founder of Labour for a Green New Deal:

“Labour is responding to grassroots pressure with bold and ambitious new climate policies. Labour for a Green New Deal activists are passing motions across the country calling for democratic control of finance and an internationalist just transition, and we’re delighted that today John McDonnell has announced plans for a ‘new banking ecosystem’ and for British green technology to be made available free or cheap to the Global South.

“The free market has utterly failed to tackle the climate crisis, instead taking us to the brink of planetary breakdown. Our response must be to replace the profit motive with the social and environmental motive. A Labour government can and must use every lever available to democratise finance and fund a transformative Green New Deal. Today marks the first steps towards this just and sustainable future.”

Notes to editors

  1. Labour for a Green New Deal is a grassroots campaign pushing for the Labour Party to adopt a transformative Green New Deal to meet the challenges of climate change and inequality. Launched in March 2019, it is comprised of thousands of Labour Party members, with active local groups spread across the country, from Cornwall to Tyne and Wear.

  2. Labour for a Green New Deal has launched a Labour Party conference motion which would see the party adopt a radical Green New Deal, and is already receiving widespread backing from CLPs across the country. The motion, which sets out the contents of a Green New Deal, can be viewed here.

  3. A Labour List poll in May found that 89% of readers think the Labour Party should adopt a Green New Deal with a 2030 zero carbon target

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