Dispatch from the campaign #1

  • Thanks to the organising of grassroots members, Momentum is backing our motion for conference! Corbynism 2.0 has arrived, and a radical Green New Deal is at its heart. Alongside a Green New Deal, these policies include the introduction of a four-day working week and the abolition of all migrant detention centres. This is exactly what we need – grassroots activists organising to transform policy and the debate in radical ways. It’s now down to Labour party members to make these policies a reality at conference this year.

  • On 16 May Labour announced huge plans to tackle the climate crisis while empowering working class communities. These include bringing the National Grid into public ownership, plans to install solar panels on every viable rooftop by 2030, and creating 400,000 green jobs. This is a great start, and we still have a long way to push them to build on this policy.

  • There was exciting news from the Fire Brigades Union, who have backed our motion for a Green New Deal!

  • Branch NW389 of Unite the Union has passed our motion, helping us build a worker-led movement. Pass our motion in your branch.

  • Tim Roache, General Secretary of GMB, has welcomed the call for a Green New Deal, pointing to the need to unite around "the economic, not just climate, necessities of decarbonisation." For us this means: a just transition with trade unions redesigning industry for the 21st century, regional jobs guarantees, a huge reskilling programme, and a four-day week with no reduction in pay. Read his opinion piece.

  • According to this week's LabourList poll, 89% of respondents backed a Green New Deal achieving zero carbon by 2030, making it the most popular of the three Momentum-backed policies!

  • Friday’s global climate strike was the biggest and loudest yet, taking place in over 1400 cities across 110 countries! Leading youth strikers for climate action across the world have called for all adults to join a global general strike on 20 September.