Dispatch from the campaign #6

Following big announcements this week, Labour is establishing itself as the party of climate justice, and is leading the way in developing policies that respond to our climate emergency. We want a radical Green New Deal to be top of the agenda at Labour Party Conference, so we need to keep up the momentum! 

Last Friday Labour announced that they are appointing a new shadow minister for Climate Justice and Green Jobs. Our co-founder Chris Saltmarsh commented in Labour List

“The questions of climate justice and green jobs will define our politics in the years to come, so it is great to see that Labour is appointing a frontbench role to engage with popular movements to build socialist and democratic solutions.

“We hope the leadership also listen to the popular movement within the party calling for a Green New Deal. We look forward to meeting Danielle Rowley to discuss how to take this proposal forward.”

Following this news, in a speech on the economy and sustainable investment on 24 June, John McDonnell outlined Labour’s plans to use all ‘the resources and levers of power available to the Treasury to fund and drive the climate change emergency programme.’ Our co-founder Clare Hymer responded on behalf of our campaign:

“The free market has utterly failed to tackle the climate crisis, instead taking us to the brink of planetary breakdown. Our response must be to replace the profit motive with the social and environmental motive. Today marks the first steps towards this just and sustainable future.”

‘Is there any merit to Labour’s ‘financial totalitarianism’ plans to tackle climate change?’ Check out our co-founders’ comments in City A.M. and i news!

Now we need to continue working on passing our conference motion in our CLPs and Trade Union branches. CLPs can submit their motion until Thursday 12 September. If you want to pass it, let us know

Get in touch if you are going to be in Brighton. Especially if you’re a conference delegate – we want to hear from you!

What’s been happening?

GLASGOW – Glasgow Labour for a Green New Deal launched this week! Join them here.

CROYDON – We joined Croydon Labour at their Radical Conversations on 22 June, alongside the New Economics Foundation, to speak about the potential of a Green New Deal. 

CHINGFORD – On 22 June we joined Chingford and Woodford Green Labourto canvass, talking to residents about how climate is a class issue, and how we can build a vision for a local Green New Deal. 


  • North Shropshire, Blackpool North & Cleveleys Swansea West and Kingswood have joined the list of CLPs sending our motion to conference!

  • Bromley & Chislehurst, Wolverhampton South West, Tottenham, East Worthing & Shoreham CLPs and Australasia Labour have all passed our general motion. Get a copy of it to pass in your branch or CLP.

Huge thanks and congratulations to all members who worked so hard on this! 

Updates from Local Groups and Organisers

  • OXFORD – ‘Organising for a Green New Deal’ is the theme of tomorrow’s Oxford Transformed! Join us to discuss what a Green New Deal could look like for Oxford, and for a training session on how to organise with our campaign. Check out the full line-up here.

  • SHEFFIELD – Last week our motion passed at both Ecclesall and Burngreave branches, and will be going to Hallam and Brightside & Hillsborough CLPs in their next meetings! We’re looking for people to get involved - join Sheffield LGND here.

  • NORTHUMBERLAND – Northumberland LGND are organising their next event - more details coming soon! Join them here.

Do you want to share news about your local organising? Speak to your contact in our Local Groups Support Team or email info@labourgnd.uk.

This week we’ve spoken to lots of people who are interested in setting up new groups and have great ideas for events! Our Local Group Support Team is at capacity, and would love some more volunteers to join the team to help out.

This exciting work involves:

  • Helping people who reach out to start new groups, providing them with the support/resources needed to run a launch event and build a local team.

  • Maintaining contact with existing local groups to help them to grow and organise for a Green New Deal in their local area.

  • Developing new resources to support local groups.

If you're involved with our local groups and have a couple of hours to give each week, we’d love for you to share your knowledge and experience with others around the country. You will be given training and an induction, so if you are interested and have some time to give, please get in touch!

We need even more supporters in local community groups and unions to push their local party. Our Local Groups Support Team can give you guidance and resources to help you set up local groups and organise events. If you feel inspired but can’t find any groups near you, get in touch with us at info@labourgnd.uk

This week we hit 3000 likes on Facebook! Help us grow by inviting your friends. Also, we’re now on Instagram - follow us @labourgnd and help us spread the word!

In collaboration with Labour Party Graphic Design we are inviting artists and designers to submit an original poster design themed around the climate emergency. More information and full brief.
If you want to share some news in one of our dispatches, let us know at info@labourgnd.uk