Dispatch from the campaign #7

This week we have updates from organisers in our local groups, news of more CLPs sending our motion to conference, and an exciting list of upcoming events!

Yesterday Common Wealth launched their brilliant Road Map to a Green New Deal. It’s great to see more groups organising for a radical Green New Deal that will restructure our economy to deliver good jobs and a prosperous future. As the Green New Deal is beginning to take shape, we need to make sure the labour movement is at its heart.

Our movement is growing across the country, and we’re raising money to enable us to provide resources and support for our activists and local groups. As you know, we receive no funding and rely on the generosity of our supporters. We’ve come a long way, and there’s much more to do! If you’re able to help out, make a donation. Everything we receive will be invested into building our movement and winning a radical Green New Deal. 

For now, we need to continue working on passing our conference motion in our CLPs and Trade Union branches. CLPs can submit their motion until Thursday 12 September. If you want to pass it, let us know. Get in touch if you are going to be in Brighton. Especially if you’re a conference delegate – we want to hear from you!

What’s been happening?

BIRMINGHAM – Birmingham Labour for a Green New Deal spoke at Birmingham Youth Strike 4 Climate’s Festivals for the Future on 29 June, delivering a workshop on organising for a Green New Deal. 

OXFORD - ‘Organising for a Green New Deal’ was the theme of last weekend’s Oxford Transformed! We spoke about the need for a socialist response to the climate crisis and ran a training session on organising with our campaign.

BRISTOL – Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, has joined the list of Bristol politicians who have signed our pledge! Keep an eye out for future dispatches, as we’ll be featuring an update on Bristol LGND’s work very soon. MPs and PPCs everywhere who want to sign our pledge, get in touch.


  • Heywood & Middleton, Glasgow Shettleston, Harwich & North Essex, Oldham West & Royston and North West Leicestershire have joined the list of CLPs sending our motion to conference!

  • Sheffield Hallam, Kemptown & Peacehaven and Hartlepool CLPs have passed our general motion! Get a copy of it to pass in your branch or CLP.

Labour for a Green New Deal in the media

Try Though They Will, We Can’t Let Moderates Water Down the Green New Deal - Our spokesperson Abel Harvie-Clark explains why we must defend our radical ambitions in this article for Novara Media. 

Catch up with – Huntingdon Labour for a Green New Deal

This week we’ve spoken with Ken from Huntingdon CLP about how our campaign has grown in rural East Anglia, and what’s up next:

“Huntingdon CLP passed the general motion in June. There was a passionate outpouring of support for action from a group that is normally quite conservative in everything it does.

Our strategy was to have other members co-sponsor the motion before tabling it to our CLP -we had 26 signed on before the vote. Even in our 'centrist' CLP it's accepted that we are well overdue a coordinated response to climate change and that it must include system change if it is going to work. It was really encouraging to see this unfold in rural England. 

We are now working to get the conference motion passed at our meeting on 22 July, and are speaking to potential co-sponsors across our local branches. I scheduled a 'personal' motion for the LGND vote to make sure the date was secured. With the network we are building, the worst case scenario is we lose the LGND motion but it enables us to rally support to replace the leadership in total. But we don't intend to lose!

Our next steps will include developing our network through local societies, churches and environmental groups. We are organising with a local church facility which provides meeting rooms with child care during daytime hours, as weekday evening meetings are difficult for some members, especially parents.  

We need to move a lot of people very quickly. It is important to remember, take care of yourself. This is a long term project that will go on for at least the next decade and you are a very important part of it.”

Join Huntingdon LGND here. If you want to know more about the work Ken is doing and would like some guidance for how you can do the same in your constituency, get in touch with our Local Groups Support Team.

Updates from local groups and organisers

  • NORTHUMBERLAND – Northumberland LGND are organising their next event - more details coming soon! Join them here.  

Do you want to share news about your local organising? Speak to your contact in our Local Groups Support Team or email us.

Also, our Local Groups Support Team is looking for support! If you're involved with our local groups and have a couple of hours to give each week, we’d love for you to share your knowledge and experience with others around the country as part of our team. You will be given training and an induction, so if you are interested and have some time to give, please get in touch!

We need even more supporters in local community groups and unions to push their local party. Our Local Groups Support Team can give you guidance and resources to help you set up local groups and organise events. If you feel inspired but can’t find any groups near you, get in touch with us.

If you’ve joined us this week, sign up for one of our calls welcoming new members! We host these every week, introducing the campaign and letting you know how to get involved. Please register for our next one at the link below:

Wednesday 10 July 7pm


In collaboration with Labour Party Graphic Design we are inviting artists and designers to submit an original poster design themed around the climate emergency. More information and full brief.

If you want to share some news in one of our dispatches, let us know.

In solidarity, 

Jenny on behalf of the Lab4GND team