Dispatch from the campaign #11

The Labour movement is uniting around our call for a radical, socialist Green New Deal that will transform our economy for the many, not the few. This week we have brilliant news about endorsements of our campaign, another big list of CLPs sending our motion to conference, and exciting updates from local organisers.

On Monday it was announced that the Communication Workers Union has backed our motion. Trade unions must be at the heart of our movement, and we're delighted to stand alongside the CWU. If you would like some support in campaigning for a Green New Deal in your trade union branch, take a look at our how-to guide.


In case you missed it, Owen Jones backed our campaign last week too! Help us pass on the message by sharing it on social media.

With less than two months to go, conference is just around the corner. CLPs can submit their motion until 12 September. If you want to pass it, let us know

Our movement is growing across the country, and we’re raising money to enable us to provide resources and support for our activists and local groups. If you’re able to help out, make a donation here. Everything we receive will be invested into building our movement and winning a radical Green New Deal. 

What’s been happening this week?

MANCHESTER – Manchester Gorton MP Afzal Khan has signed our pledge! And in other exciting news from the North West, MEP Julie Ward has also endorsed our vision for a radical Green New Deal, committing to work towards it at local, national and European level.

BRISTOL - Bristol North West MP Darren Jones has also signed our pledge, backing our vision for a radical transformation of the economy. If you want your MP or PCC to sign it too, get in touch!

BIRMINGHAM – Birmingham LGND hosted a discussion at Impact Hub on 29 July, focusing on strategies for an internationalist Green New Deal, the links between climate change and imperialism, and how we can tackle militarised borders as climate breakdown increases migration globally. Catch up here.

Activist Asad Rehman speaking at the Birmingham LGND meeting

Activist Asad Rehman speaking at the Birmingham LGND meeting

BRIXTON – Dulwich and West Norwood Labour met on 29 July for the first event in their Political Education programme, which included a discussion about our vision for a Green New Deal and a workshop on local organising. Catch up here. 

WORCESTER – On Wednesday Worcester LGND hosted their first discussion about what a radical Green New Deal can mean for their community.

GLASGOW Glasgow LGND met last night to discuss the possibilities and priorities for a Green New Deal in Scotland and beyond. 

Catch up with – Greater Manchester Labour for a Green New Deal

This week we have an update from Poppy, one of our organisers in Manchester.  GMLGND have canvassing sessions planned throughout the summer, the first of which was in Middleton on 21 July -  


“Through our canvassing sessions we hope to get a measure of people’s awareness about the climate crisis and engage them in discussion about our ideas. We decided that the best approach was to use a short questionnaire, to open the conversation.

We asked three questions - What are your thoughts on climate change? What changes would you like to see in your area to deal with climate change? And have you heard about Labour’s plans for a Green Industrial Revolution? Read our full report on the session here.

People were very receptive to hearing more about our aims, and how a Green New Deal could have a tangible effect on them. We felt Greater Manchester’s suburbs should be the focus of our efforts as these areas are likely to be the most affected by these policies. Our second session is in Bury this weekend – join us! More info.

Get in touch with GMLGND on social media or by email if you want to get involved. If you’d like to hear more about their work and would like some support to help you do the same in your constituency, get in touch with our Local Groups Support Team.


Come to a local Green New Deal event near you


• City of Chester, Streatham, Bury South, Lancaster & Fleetwood, Kettering, Torridge & West Devon, Riverside, Ynys Môn, Mid Derbyshire, Lewes, Isle of Wight, Hemel Hempsted, Broxtowe, Bracknell, Tamworth, Ribble Valley, Banbury and Hartlepool CLPs are sending our motion to conference! Get a copy of it to pass in your branch or CLP here labourgnd.uk/motions.

If you’ve joined us this week, sign up for one of our calls welcoming new members! 

If you want to share some news in one of our dispatches, let us know at info@labourgnd.uk.

Wednesday 7 August 6:30pm - Click here to register

Wednesday 14 August 6:30pm - Click here to register

 See you next week!

In solidarity,
Jenny on behalf of the Lab4GND team